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fredag 3 maj 2013

We Are Getting Back Together:Reject Your Ex Back

How do you get your ex back? If you're reading this than this question has come to your mind. You have probably read other guides on how to get your ex back with mixed results and you've come here because nothing is working out quite the way you've envisioned it. This technique is very powerful which means it also needs to be used with great caution. Of all the tricks and techniques you have likely read about this is one with the most to win—and most to lose.

The Unobtainable Principle

Men want what they can't have. The entire basis for this technique is to play on that truth to your advantage. This principle is based in human nature which is why it works so well. We strive to improve our lives, to grow and become more than what we are, and of course, to have something we can't seem to obtain.

Reject Your Ex Back

How Does This Apply To Me?

That's a very good question I'm glad you asked. Think about your current situation. What happened there? Your ex has rejected you because you became too attached. Your ex knows you want him a lot more than he wants you. Was the break up a join decision? Why are you reading this article if this is not what you're going through?

Listen closely. What you need to do is reverse the situation on him. Your goal is to fool your ex into thinking that you don't need him anymore and that you have moved on. Why must you do this? This is what that action will do to your ex:

Your ex will be curious if you've been dating another guy. They'll work to find out if this thought is true and who it is
He will wonder why you have stopped talking to him. The lack of contact is going to drive him crazy
Your ex boyfriend will be jealous that you are happy and that he isn't. He will feel a little bit of what you're feeling
He'll wonder how you were able to drop it all and move on so quickly. He hasn't gotten over the relationship yet, how have you?
Your ex will be burning up inside because the tables have now turned on him
Now that he has something he doesn't have he will pursue you again

You are making him think about things he probably never considered. He will wonder all types of things about your life that he never considered because they were never a question before. You can turn the tables on him. His curiosity will get the better of him. There are too many things he doesn't know and will try to find out what is going on. You may even hear about his investigations into your changes to mutual friends which in turn will get to your ears.

You can see how powerful this technique can be. Rejecting him is always a risking decision but there are great rewards to be gained. There is always something you can do if you want your ex back. Use this technique carefully since it is a big risk.
Yes I Want My Ex Back Fast...

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