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Relationship blog

måndag 20 maj 2013

We Are Getting Back Together:Realizing Your Ex Is Gone

The sad truth about all people is that we never fully comprehend or appreciate what we have until we lose it and this is also true of relationships. We tend to take the beautiful moments for granted and only focus on the bad times, usually escalating arguments into fighting matches that leaves both parties involved with terrible wounds.

If you have already gone past that stage and your partner has decided to end the relationship you may be in a state of total shock because you maybe never even saw it coming.

The first stage is total and complete denial, you can't believe this is happening, it's not real, they will be back, it's only a heat of the moment decision, are all thoughts that are running around in your head.

Then you start finding it difficult to breathe as you realize that it actually did happen and they are gone. You feel as if someone is ripping the heart out of your chest and the pain is unbearable. You don't want to face the world and you feel there is nothing that will ever make you feel better. You shut yourself off from the world for days on end, still hoping that maybe if you go sleep when you wake up you will find it was a nightmare.

Unfortunately, when you wake up nothing has changed and your love is still gone. Now you have to try and pull yourself together as much as you can because you have to get to work and you can't look like a complete mess. You go through your day in a completely catatonic state, unable to pay attention to anything.

You start to hate people who tell you there’s plenty of other fish in the sea – because you know you only want THAT fish.

After a while, you realize you can't live without your ex.

Realizing Your Ex Is Gone

Everywhere you go, everything you see reminds you of the love you once shared and it is eating you up inside. From the couch where you used to cuddle to watch a movie, to your favorite restaurant where you laughed together over a plate of pasta, to the park bench where you used to sit together and watch the people walk by.

That is the moment you decide that you want your ex back, but not just any way. Where possible, you want to rekindle the love that was the foundation of such a beautiful relationship.

However, you must be careful as you start to rekindle your relationship with your ex. To much too soon and you will drive him further away. In the next few series of articles you will begin to see the steps that you must take.
Ps. Dont give up because there is always hope even in a breakup, there is a helpful Free Video here and also a lot of tips and a proven method to get the love you deserve back into your life.

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