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lördag 11 maj 2013

We Are Getting Back Together:Get Your Ex Back Without Looking Desperate

When you set out to get your ex back there is often a fine and subtle line from having the process look natural or you looking desperate by your efforts. Things can come out the way you don't mean them to, bad luck can intervene and you can meet them somewhere you weren't prepared for and look like you are following them everywhere, and any number of other outside effects can mess up even the best laid plans. It can feel impossible to get them back without these things happening, but when they do you may think about giving it up.

Technology has come a long way in a few years and  text messaging is one of the ways most people communicate with each other today. We're going to utilize text messages throughout this article to help you get your ex back. One of the biggest benefits of texting back your ex is that you don't have to worry about looking desperate in front of them which will solve many of the above possible problems you may face.

Plan What You Intend To Say

You might have an urge to text them everything you're feeling right then, but this is akin to not looking before crossing a street or jumping without making sure you're going about to fly off a cliff. Being spontaneous is good and should be used in your life, but not here. Plan out carefully what you intend to say to your ex. You could use quotes they like to start it off. You'll want to tell them that you are still interested in making things work. The goal is that you want to create communicate that is ongoing. This can start the ball rolling to earn back their trust in you and affection.

Paint A Picture

As convenient and nice text messaging is one thing it lacks is tonality and emotion since it's just written text at the end of the day. You want to paint a picture in the mind of your ex that is vivid and real. You want your ex to know that you accept the break up and that is fine while also tapping into their brain a level deeper to connect with them. This will help you avoid looking desperate as well while affecting your ex psychologically.

Get Your Ex Back Without Looking Desperate

Know What Not To Send

You can't just delete a text message someone has already seen. That Submit button comes with a lot of risk if you aren't aware of what can give off a bad impression of you. Before you hit Submit think if this is something you can live with knowing once it's out there it will be too late to delete it. Saying the wrong things will just push your ex further away. You probably don't want to text your ex that you miss them. Never text your ex that you are miserable. Avoid anything that will make you look desperate to your ex. If you are having doubts on whether or not you should send that message the answer is probably no.

Don't Make Your Ex Defensive

Some things you should just avoid over text message. Don't overdo it and aggravate them, don't use this time to point out his faults in the relationship. When getting your ex back any negatives at all can sabotage your progress so don't text him these things because you have the luxury of not being face-to-face, you can still create damage that can be hard to work through and just add to whatever problems caused the break up. If you end up fighting with your ex over text messaging then put it away until you have a cooler head. When your ex gets defensive it's time to stop. You are trying to rebuild a bridge not burn another one.

Don't Sound Clingy or Desperate

Remember once those text messages are sent they are gone and deleting them won't take what you said back. Watch carefully what you say and how you say it. Your ex may even be able to use those text messages against you if you have gone too far. You need to be strong and stand your ground without coming off as desperate. You need to position yourself in a position of power and equal footing in these messages or you can become too accommodating quickly. Don't give up ground or control because your heart suddenly wants to take the driver's seat.


As we've said before once that message is sent it is gone. You can't take it back. Reread your message once and then again to make sure your eyes didn't skim over common errors. Remember auto-correct will be right there with you trying to change the meaning of your messages completely if you aren't paying attention. Look for phrases that have double meanings or could be confused to mean something else. If you think it can be said in a better way it probably can.

These tips will help you get your ex back while avoiding looking desperate. While you avoid the face-to-face meeting you can gain great ground on restoring the relationship. You'll have to meet with them eventually and this can help make that meeting happen on the best terms possible.
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