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lördag 25 maj 2013

We Are Getting Back Together: Look Within To Win Your Ex Back

Are you the same person he or she fell in love with? This is a difficult question to answer but if you are honest with yourself you will be able to do it pretty effectively.

Think about the last few times you were together. Were you the same loving, fun person your ex fell in love with? Did you spend time together enjoying each other's company? Or were your last few meetings filled with tears, jealousy, disagreements and arguments?

Perhaps you're one of the unlucky ones who thought everything was going along just fine, when your partner broke it off unexpectedly. No matter what the cause, there are always reasons behind the actions, even when they're not immediately evident.

Look Within To Win Your Ex Back

Life has a tendency to change us and drag us down if we don't fight against the current of depression that seems to be so fashionable nowadays. The problem with depression is that it's a vicious cycle. When we are depressed we turn on everyone, especially anyone who dares take us out of this state, and then we feel bad for acting the way we did so we sink even deeper into this state of depression.

So, ask yourself this, did you let life drag you down so much that you forgot about what is truly important in life? Did you allow financial worries to eat away at you so much that you couldn't see how you were treating your partner?

Perhaps your own situation was more related to how everyone changes a little when they fall in love. After all, before you both met, you were independent, happy people, going about your own lives. Once you got into a relationship together, you both became a little dependent on the other to provide happiness, pleasure, security and comfort. This can become a problem if the part of you your ex fell in love with was your independence.

So, how much have you changed since you first met your ex? Do you like the person you have become? Were you a carefree, fun person with an insatiable love of life and now you have become someone who gets irritated at the drop of a hat?

If the changes in you are so vast you barely recognize yourself and you definitely don't like who you have become then maybe it's time you started doing something about it. After all, if you don't like yourself this way, don't you think that it will also have an impact on how your partner feels too?

If you are serious about getting your ex back then you have to be honest with yourself here. Stare at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: Who have I become? If you don't like the answer then it's time to think about who you really are if you want to get your ex back and build a lasting relationship together.

The only way to rebuild your relationship is to first create lasting change within yourself. Work on building up your self-esteem and your self-opinion. Regain your old confidence and see if the happy, bubbly version of you is still in there. Otherwise you will just end up in the same old cycle that got you in this situation in the first place.
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