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Relationship blog

torsdag 30 maj 2013

We Are Getting Back Together: Communication-You Must Communicate

The first step to rebuilding a relationship is to communicate and tell each other what you have been holding back. You have to share everything with each other both the bad and the good, and this is not something you do just once.

Communication is what will keep your love alive and investing in your relationship will make it thrive. Even ten minutes per day of quality time with your partner where you just talk about how you both feel can do wonders to rebuild the passion and to keep it alive.

You will both have to break through your fears and limiting beliefs so that you can move forward. Stop relying on anger as a means to satisfy deep emotional needs and replace it with love. If you feel you can't do this then just close your eyes and imagine your life without that person. What is more painful? Being without them or being wrong? If the answer is the former then realize that your negative responses will only serve to create greater pain by pushing them away from you again.

Communication - You Must Communicate

If you have a deep pain that you don't even realize affects your actions you need to open up to your partner, to allow them to help you through it with their love and support. Explain to them what you need from them, that you need them to be there for you and demand the same of them. Tell them you need them to be open and honest with you so you can both move forward to a life of total bliss in a relationship based on complete and total trust that is full of love and support.

Rebuilding a relationship requires commitment and you both need to realize that a relationship is essential to your happiness as there is nothing more wonderful that sharing deeply with another person. Nothing that is worth anything in life can be obtained without complete commitment and this also holds true for relationships.

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