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lördag 8 juni 2013

We Are Getting Back Together: Dont Break Up Online

There are exceptions to this "dont break up online" including:

You are in middle school

It has been an entirely virtual relationship (email personals, Second Life relationship)

You are in a long distance relationship in which case the phone is okay, but email is still a sucky way to go.

If you think the break up may result in violence, it is acceptable to call it off without your personal presence.

One advantage of not being present when breaking up with someone is that you don’t have to be with them or deal with their emotions when you call things off. This is counterbalanced with the disadvantages which include:
* The person will think less of you
* You ill come off as more of a jerk than you really are
* Your dumping will be recorded and shared with all of her girlfriends.
* It may feel incomplete to you.

 Dont Break Up Online 

If you have a wide circle of friends in common, work together, attend church together, or for any reason are going to continue to see each other, do not break up by electronic means. It will come back to haunt you.

So, if you have to do it in person, where should it be?

One place people think about breaking up is at her house or yours. But, you should consider whether this is a good idea as well.

If you go over to her house, you have to find a way to exit gracefully. If you do it at your house, you have the problem of finding a way to get her to leave. Either way, it tends to not have a sense of resolution.

Furthermore, you are going to live at your house (and she at hers) so breaking up at home will leave negative residual memories at the place of the break up. If you break up at a restaurant, she can just avoid that eating place from now on. It is a lot harder to avoid one's

If you live together, the home break up is even more complicated. One of you will have to move out. If you are preparing to break up, you should have a plan for where to spend the night and how you are going to get your stuff.

Unless you own the residence in your name only, you should assume that you are the one who has to move out and make plans accordingly. If there is a logical reason why she should do the moving out, you should still be prepared to temporarily decamp so that she has the
time to make new arrangements.

So, that leaves public places as the optimal place to break up. There are many reasons why breaking up in public is the way to go.

For one thing, she is less likely to become emotional or dramatic when there are people around. You can say your piece. For another thing, once you have said your piece, you can leave. She is also free to leave at any time.

Now, she can get emotional, throw her glass of wine in your face, and have dramatic hysterics. This would be embarrassing for you. But, you don't know these people and you will never see them again. Breaking up in a public place is preferable to all of the other options.

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