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tisdag 4 juni 2013

Are You Really Thinking About Dumping Your Girlfriend?

Are you thinking about dumping your girlfriend? Chances are, if you are thinking about it, the relationship is already over. Now, what you have to decide is how to do it.

As the song says, "breaking up is hard to do." There are so many reasons that you put it off.

For one thing, it's easier to just keep on keeping on. Having a girlfriend is convenient. It means not having to be alone on a cold night, not having to come up with a pick up line, and not having your family wonder why you didn't bring a date to cousin Sophie’s wedding.

For another thing, part of you still loves your girlfriend. You know that breaking up will break her heart. So, you wait – for just the right time, for just the right place, and for just the right words to say.

Guess what? It is going to be hard whenever you do it. So, make the commitment to break up and then find a way to do it. Most of the time, women are the ones who initiate a split in a relationship. So, why do guys break up with their girlfriends? Here are 10 good reasons to call it quits:

#10 – She nags you. If she acts like she's your mother and you are 4 years old, the relationship just isn’t going to work. If you constantly are telling her, “stop nagging,” it’s a good time to break up.

#9 – She doesn’t appreciate you. Let's face it, there are plenty of women who will see you for the compassionate, loving guy you are. If she doesn't think you are a great guy, dump her and find someone who does.

#8 – She’s too emotional. A girl who is high maintenance is the pits. And, when the maintenance has to do with taking care of her emotions, sometimes it's better to cut free.

#7 – She manipulates you. Some women feel that they can only get what they need through manipulation. In fact, they would rather play games than ask nicely. If you feel like she is too manipulative, it is a good idea to get out of the relationship.

#6 – She underestimates you. Nothing is more frustrating than having to constantly prove yourself to someone who should be your biggest cheerleader. If she is constantly surprised when you succeed or if she undermines your success, you should consider getting out of the

#5 – She stops putting out. There are lots of reasons why having a steady girlfriend is wonderful. But let’s face it, the number one reason is that you know you’ll have someone there at the end of a Saturday night. If she stops giving it to you on a regular basis, it’s time
to find your fortune elsewhere.

#4 – She tries to change you. There is a play called "I love you. You"re perfect. Now change." That sums up what happens in all too many relationships. A woman falls in love with you and thinks you are the perfect man and then finds all kinds of reasons why you should change. If she tries to stop you from being the person you are and the person you want to be, get out.

Are You Really Thinking About Dumping Your Girlfriend?

#3 – She cheats on you. Whether it is a one night stand or a secret relationship with a coworker, a woman's cheating can drive a stake through the heart of a relationship. Unless you are prepared to forgive and then completely forget the affair, you have to break the
relationship off. The cheating will fester like a wound and destroy your relationship.

#2 – She doesn't love you anymore. Do you feel that she has fallen out of love with you but doesn't know how to end it? Is inertia all that is keeping you together? If so, you might have to be the one who calls it quits.

#1 – You don't love her anymore. If you love her like a sister or friend but just don't have the romantic feelings that sustain an intimate relationship, you owe it to her to be honest. Sure, she's going to hurt. A lot. But you are better off setting her free to find someone who loves
her like she deserves.

Go ahead and reread this article and give it some thought and you will shortly begin to realize that all the above 10 reasons are indeed some of the same reason you have put off dumping your girlfriend. In the next article in this series of articles we will continue to discuss the type of break ups. Stay Tuned!
Ps. Remember to be honest and thruthful to yourself and what you feel in the relationship and follow the voice of your heart! Need some more advice? Here it is!

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