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tisdag 30 april 2013

We Are Getting Back Together:Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

There are many ways to get your ex boyfriend back and you have probably already tried some of them. Technology has changed the way we all do things and texting is one of those things that makes our world different than when losing your ex boyfriend happened a few decades ago. Did you know you can harness this technology to get your ex boyfriend back? Most people today spend hours of their day simply texting. You and your ex boyfriend are probably not different in this respect. So you've taken the first step and had the thought of getting your ex boyfriend back by texting him.

Your next thought was probably “How do I do it?” and “Can I text my ex boyfriend back in my life?” It is simple enough to compose and send a text message, but you might be at a loss of what to send to him. You're in luck because we're going to help you in a few simple steps what you need to do.

Step 1: Remembering The Good Times

Don't jump in with a serious attempt to get your ex boyfriend back right from the start. This is a mistake. What will serve you best is to text him about the good times you guys have shared. Think of when you were with him and you both were smiling and a laughing together. A moment where you were happier than can you ever remember being. If you can find pictures of these events make sure that is in the text. Pictures can bring up emotions and memories that the written word is unable to do. The moments where you think back on and can't help but smile should be your filter for what is probably best to send to him. You want to stir in him the feelings and emotions of those good times.

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Step 2: Onward To Intimacy

After you have been able to build up the text messaging more and more so you are texting more often together it's time to take the next step and create some intimacy. Your goal is to make your ex come to the conclusion that the two of you should get back together again. This can be accomplished by reminding him of how close you used to be. This step will be a lot easier if your ex boyfriend is going through a hard time in his life, but if you are careful with your wording and tone in your texts it can still work. Let your ex know that you're there for him and that if he needs anything you'll be there.

Step 3: Put It All On The Line

The last and most scary step on this process is to let your ex know how you feel. You have to put everything on the line for the text that says what your heart is feeling. If you do this too soon you may drive him away. This is the last step because now you have nothing to hide behind except the phone you're typing into. You don't want to scare him away. You may find yourself typing and then deleting this text message many times. Don't worry, that's ok, because this message really needs to get across your feelings and articulate them well. You will want to do this right. You may even want to include a time and place to meet your ex with this text message so that you have an opportunity to tell him in person so he can see just how serious you are about your feelings.

Technology has only changed the playing field and not the processes. If you are thinking of texting your ex boyfriend back then follow the steps above. Pay careful attention to move only as fast as you need to and what you feel is the most comfortable pace with your ex. This is not impossible so don't lose hope. Stick with it and you'll text your ex boyfriend back into your life.
You Deserve To Live A Life Full Of Love And Happiness!! Heres How.....

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