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tisdag 23 april 2013

3 Tips for getting your Ex Back Fast and 2 Things To Avoid

Break ups can be very difficult to deal with and many are quite stressful and traumatic.  Although the relationship has been struggling perhaps you weren’t really ready for breaking up and are now asking yourself the question ‘how do I get my ex back?  Even if your breakup is a very traumatic one there is usually still some hope of reconciliation.  If you know the right steps to take and how to act toward your ex then you just might be able to repair your relationship.  Here are some tips and tricks that can help you win your ex back and also some things that you might want to avoid.

Tip #1 – be yourself.  Acting like someone else just to try and win your ex back will not help matters in the long term.  Even if acting differently helps them to like you in the short term, it is hard to keep up the facade long term and sooner or later you will fall back into acting like yourself, so if you really want to be successful at getting your ex back then start acting like yourself.
Tip #2 – never use the method of trying to make him jealous to get him back.  Flirting with his friends in front of him will only hurt his feelings and could actually make the situation worse.  Some people use flirting to make their ex jealous while others use it to get revenge, either way it could backfire and you could lose him forever.
Tip #3 – be honest with your ex and don’t be afraid to tell him how you feel.  Don’t go overboard and act like life is not worth living without him, you don’t want to appear desperate.  Talk to him and let him know that you still love him and that you still want this relationship to work.  You never know, there is a chance that he might be feeling the same way and also want to give it another go.
Things to Avoid
Things to Avoid #1 – if you both agree to give the relationship another go then you want to make things clear right from the start that you are serious about the relationship.  Avoid getting into a habit of ‘on and off dating’ as this can be heart breaking and is no good for anyone.  Have a really good think about how you feel and if making this relationship work is really what you want and talk to him so you can find out if he really wants it to work too.
Things to Avoid #2 – don’t forget about the issues that led to your relationship breaking up in the first place.    If you want to save this relationship and turn it around into a happy relationship then you need to work on any issues that you had.  If you ignore the reasons for your breakup then you can’t move past them, it is important that you face any problems you had to move on and have a healthy relationship.
It is possible to win your ex back but you need to be sensible in your approach.  Use these tips and things to avoid and build a stronger, healthier relationship that will be made to last.

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  1. One of my visions is to help people with serious relation problems though i have some experience from it. Im a Swedish Musician Poet and Reiki Master with a passion of helping people find peace and love within themselves and their relations. I really think we are meant to live happily and in peace without having to struggle or cry in our daily life. Of course are these things also a part of life but they should not take control over us. I know that small issues unfortunately can result in damage of trust between people even if they truly care for eachother. Its never wise to hide something from eachother and believe it will be forgotten. Its much better to be straight to the point at once and get forgivness and mutual trust. You can really trust the man that has helped over 50 000 people getting back together finding love again! Read this!!