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onsdag 21 september 2016

Mending Fences with Apolgies

When facing a longing to reestablish a relationship with an ex, several steps present themselves as avenues into a repaired union. No one way exists to reforge the place in one another's life. 

The truth is, because each couple lives within their own ecosystem, tried and fast rules never exist in a global fashion. One of the few assurances to beginning the process centers around asking for forgiveness. 

Taking into account the purpose and benefits of apologizing demonstrates how romance may be rekindled.

Purpose of an Apology

Asking for forgiveness can serve many roles in the parameters of a healthy relationship. All sorts of wrongs crop up within a multitude of situations. Work, family and romance stirs up mistakes requiring someone to admit these shortcomings and move forward. The hardest part can be the admission of what has been done wrong. People seek to defend themselves in an argument going so far as turning a blind eye to errors of judgement, harsh words and a litany of slights climbing to a crescendo and breaking the relationship in two.

Benefits for the Harmed

For those who have been wronged, they find receiving an apology key in putting the pain of the past behind them. Let's look at some of the benefits for those needing an apology.

* Acknowledgement of the Past: Too often, people carry unspoken pain coupled with questions regarding their view of the situation. Such a level of uncertainty weighs on an individual until they start questioning their view of the past.

A Special Hug
Mending Fences with Apolgies

* Shedding Light: Hearing an apology opens their eyes to know the person apologizing cares for them. It also changes their point of view. They witness the care a true apology provides a window into the other's heart and demonstrating the care bestowed by them.

Benefits for the One Apologizing

Just as there clear positives for the one receiving the apology, the person apologizing changes for the better also. This concept may be difficult to assess. People often reside in a place where they are always right and never need to admit they were wrong.

* Letting Go: Harming someone, even in a mild way, leaves a mark on both people. A sense of relief will arise following the offering of an apology. One of the funny aspects is how one feels after the act regardless of the response. The knowledge of having done everything possible frees one from the burden of ongoing responsibility.

* Fresh Eyes: With the poison of the past hurts set aside, one can look at their partner afresh. This new view allows an opportunity to move forward. Though the direction may not blossom into a refreshed relationship, a clearer view is worth any cost.

Bear in mind, this is broken down in this way to ease the explanation. No one in any relationship ever finds themselves completely in the right or wrong camp. The narrative one tells places them at the center as the hero of their own story. Both sides will eventually need to switch roles giving the same grace to the other if things are going to continue. The benefits, regardless of the outcome, far outweigh strictly the return of a romantic relationship. That is what everyone should be striving for.

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