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torsdag 11 juli 2013

Article 5: Finding Someone Special To Spend Your Live With

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Online Dating Services

Online dating services are an evolution on personal ads. Lydda will first fill out a profile which states her demographics and preferences. The service's computer program then selects certain people who match her in ways she indicates such as age, race, religion, and relationship goal.

The service also has a library function where she can browse other people's profiles. Additionally, she can opt to have her profile go “live” so that men can contact her.

Online dating services vary in price. Most will let users join for no upfront fee with the restriction that they can only browse the listings. Once they actually want to contact or respond to other people using the service, they have to pay a fee. These fees can vary between $20 a month to $100+.

Some of the services offer very limited space for personal information. As a result, users get largely demographic data and not the personality of the person. Other services are more generous in what they allow. Most of the services offer a photo or video profile. Lydda may want to consider getting professional photographs to place on the service because this will make her more attractive to men who are searching the database or have been matched to her. Many people skip the profiles and just look at the pictures or only look at the profiles of the people they've found to be beautiful.

Lydda should keep in mind that each man compiles his own profile. They may be slanted – or just lies. She should take the same precautions with online dating that she does with personal ads.

Personal Matchmaking

Matchmaking has been a profession (or a calling, depending on how you look at it) in many cultures and across time. The current incarnation is the Personal Matchmaker.

The credentials, training, skill, professionalism, and ethics of matchmakers vary widely. Some matchmakers are part of a nationwide franchise and others are a more personalized boutique service.

Sometimes the matchmaker meets the clients, and sometimes she (it's almost always a she) does not.

In most cases the personal matchmaker will interview a potential client extensively asking questions about relationship goals and then make matches.

The service would screen and research matches for Lydda and then notify her via email or phone when a match is ready. If both Lydda and the man accept the match, names and numbers are exchanged. Basically, the service does all of the hard work and Lydda can have the fun.

The prices for personal matchmaking vary widely. You can expect to pay at least $1000 for a good service, but prices can go up to $5000 or more. The price for most companies is for a set period of time generally one or two years. Other services will give a certain number of matches for a set fee.

We Are Getting Back Together

A credible matchmaking service is good for a busy person like Lydda. She'll appreciate the convenience and time saved by having a professional setting up the matches.

Match making is the easiest, most time efficient way for Lydda to meet men. Keep in mind that everyone burns out when they do too much of something for too long. If Lydda gets on the dating treadmill, she may give up before she's met Mr. Right. But with a Matchmaking service, she cuts out most of the “work” of dating.

But these services are not perfect. The level of professionalism varies widely. Some of the problems include having you interview with someone other than the matchmaker or sending your data out of town to a computer program that supposedly matches you.

The forms you fill out are not standard psychological tests – they're just quizzes and may not even be taken into consideration. A good match maker can use these as tools, but they are not themselves the scientific basis for a relationship.
Article 6 will continue the focus on Matchmaking Services.
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