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lördag 13 juli 2013

Article 1 In A Series of Articles On From Breaking Up To Making Up

We Are Getting Back Together Quizzes


Slam! Kristin closed the door to the car and Scott wondered what just happened. “I can't believe you just did that!” she said.

“Did what?” Scott said honestly.

“You were totally making out with that blonde chick!”

“Um, I was dancing with her because you said your feet hurt.”

“You don't care about me,” Kristin replys back.

“Huh?” is Scott's response.

“Well if you're going to be that way, I want out. We're through!” Kristin says. As the car pulls up to her house, she almost runs to get inside before Scott's even gotten out.

In this case, Scott and Kristin have broken up and nobody is sure what has really happened.

Are they doomed to live separate lives now or is there a chance that they can patch things up? This report looks at both scenarios. If Scott and Kristin are going to get back together, they need a cooling off period. Then, they need to work on rebuilding their relationship and fixing what is wrong.

We Are Getting Back Together

If, on the other hand they are destined to split, there are things they need to do to bring closure so they can move on.

This report is going to look at the anatomy of the end of the relationship – from the break up to the make up.

The Break Up

We'll first start by examining how people break up. Most people handle the break up all wrong. This can make the event far more painful than it has to be. Additionally, it can stand in the way of actually reconciling. So, if you're reading this before the break up, bear these things in mind.

If there is going to be a break up, there are some things you should do to make it fair.

Be Honest

If you are going to break up with someone, you owe it to your shared history to be honest about it. This doesn't mean that you have to dredge up everything that ever went wrong, but you should have a heart to heart about heading in opposite directions. Some of the time, one person realizes that things aren't as they should be before the other one does. By being honest, you can do your best to minimize the hurt your ex will experience.

If the relationship has gotten too serious and you are not ready for that level of commitment, let your ex know that it's not them.

But, if there is something specific that has gone on with your relationship, let the other person know. It might be something that will doom all of their relationships if they don't fix it. For instance, if your ex girlfriend nags you all of the time, you can tell her that her harping has irrevocably harmed your relationship. Or, if he refuses to communicate with you, let him know it's been a problem. These things are helpful not hurtful.

But, don't go into every little thing and don't drag out the conversation. Being honest doesn't mean talking things to death.

Article 2 of this series of articles on "From Breaking Up To Making Up" will be published tomorrow.

pS. FrEe ViDeO oN tHe SuBjEcT HeRe!

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