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Relationship blog

fredag 31 juli 2015

Getting back together again

Getting Back Together Again

Author: Dick Scott

Let me share a wonderful moment with you; the moment of getting back together. It can be a moment of reconsideration after a break up in your relationship. It can be a moment of forgiveness after a controversy with a friend. Im sure you all have had that experience in some way or form.

I use to think that maybe it is something meaningful in such events; they make us remember how much our relationship is worth for us. When we feel blissful after getting back together the last thing we want is to say or do something that may hurt our partner or friend.

It is like a wake up call to make us see and feel gratitude in life again. Suddenly those annoying things we used to focus on dont seem so important anymore. We got a completely new approach to our situation.

Way You Are
Getting Back Together 

So my point with this story is to give you some hope. Whenever you are in despair or you feel like you are a victim remember that it is never to late to forgive. With a forgiving attitude it is possible to regret any hostile feelings that you have had. Someone has to take the first step and it should be you because you then will show greatness. There is greatness within all of us but we have to show it to believe it. 

If for some reason you absolutely not can or will forgive another person then it is very important to let go and not torture yourself with guilt or sorrow. The choise is yours and you have to make that choise. Let me remind you of the wonderful relief that is waiting for those who forgive instead of the bitterness that is very harmful.

It is not easy but it can be done. I hope this article has inspired you to do what you can and get back together again with your loved ones and share many  blissful moments.

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