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fredag 15 maj 2015

Is Your Marriage on the Rocks? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

Is Your Marriage on the Rocks? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

- by Tony Mase

© Tony Mase - All Rights Reserved

There's good news and bad news when it comes to today's
marriages. On the bright side, the divorce rate has gone
down a bit. However, the number of unhappy marriages has
gone up - meaning couples are "trying to stick it out",
rather than get divorced.

Why are so many people staying in marriages that make them
miserable? Some do it for the kids. Others don't want to be
associated with the stigma of divorce. Others just hate
admitting they made a mistake when they walked down the

When a marriage goes south, it's not something that happens
all at once or on one day. Instead, it can be a lengthy
process that's painful on both sides. Usually, both husband
and wife first refuse to believe their marriage is in real
trouble. Unfortunately, though, the longer a bad marriage
drags on, the worse it is for everyone involved. In these
cases, husband and wife have been miserable for so long they
just can't be amicable.

So, how do you know if your marriage is in trouble? Ask
yourself these 7 questions:

1. Do you have fun together?

Remember the good 'ol days, when it seemed like you and your
spouse could have done anything together and made it fun?
Even something like a trip to the dentist was more enjoyable
if the other one was there! But, now, if it seems like every
night out is a disaster - and you would have been better off
just staying home - you could have a problem. After all,
your spouse is supposed to be your best friend. If you don't
enjoy your time together, that's a bad sign.

2. Are you happier when your spouse isn't around?

If you've gone way past not having fun together and you only
feel like you can relax and unwind when your spouse isn't
home, your marriage is in trouble.

3. Has your sex life become non-existent?

This is a classic example of a troubled marriage - and one
of the most common issues talked about in marriage
counseling. Even worse, it may be a sign one of you is
having an affair.

Ladybug sitting on sunflower

4. Have compliments gone by the wayside?

When you first got married, your spouse probably told you
how nice you looked or what a great job you did with dinner.
If those compliments seem like a lifetime ago, there could
be a problem. And, if it seems like all of those compliments
have been replaced with criticisms - and neither of you
feels like you can do anything right - there's a definite

5. Do you always argue about the future?

If it seems like there's always turmoil whenever you discuss
anything beyond tomorrow, it could be a sign the two of you
just aren't on the same page.

6. Have you turned into the maid?

Don't underestimate the power of neatness! Many couples wind
up resenting each other if one is always cleaning up after
the other. And, if it seems like your spouse's messy habits
have gotten worse, you may feel like you're not being
respected - and that's a surefire sign your marriage is in

7. Are your spending habits totally different?

If one of you is a saver and the other is a spender, it can
lead to fights - especially if bills aren't getting paid.

If you're troubled by the answers to these questions, what
can you do?

If you think your marriage is in trouble, seek professional
help. Whether you talk to a therapist or get some advice in
books or online, the sooner you do it, the better. After
all, the longer you let your emotions fester, the higher
your chances of winding up with a marriage that simply can't
be fixed.


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